Illusions Hair & Nail Specialists
Illusions Hair & Nail Specialists
Our Story
Our Family

Our Story

The story of Illusions Hair and Nail Specialists began almost a decade before we first opened our doors.

Newly graduated and eager to make our marks on the world, good fortune brought us together in the early part of the 1980's. Over the years, we became close friends, and our friendships grew into family.

After about nine years together, our family members set out to explore new paths, carrying our talents to other salons.

In 1990, with Scott in the lead, a small contingent opened Illusions in Fort Mitchell. Meanwhile, Teri was contemplating a shop of her own.

With several viable options before her, Teri chose the strength of family, joining us at Illusions. Four years later, she became Scott's business partner. She became the majority owner in 2006 after Scott elected to scale back his role in the business.

The following year, a new business condo project was announced and Teri saw an opportunity for a new updated shop. She convinced us that the time was right, and in early January, 2008, we moved to our beautiful new home in Erlanger.

Some of us have been together the whole time, and some are newer to our family, but we have all been cosmetologists for many years.

by We were teenagers when we started, and we are still teenagers at heart. We think that some of us will never grow up. OK, most of us!

We are very much a family. And we want you, our extended family, to know that you are always welcome in our home.

Illusions Hair & Nail Specialists - Established 1990 -
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